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Hello world! This is Mumriken!

Hello world, it says, when you start a WordPress Blogg. I have started Blogs before, but I hope that this one shall find its way into my readers minds. This is supposed to be a blog about my favourite topics. And I have decided to use ENGLISH as the language of my blog, even though I am a primarily Swedish speaking individual.

So, what are my favourite topics? Well there are many of those, and I will just mention a few of them in this first post on this blog:

  • Nature photography (there is a chance you might see some of my favourite photographs here.
  • Parentage (about being a father, especially).
  • Humans and Computers (yes, I am one of those guys)
  • Being burnt out (stress exhaustion syndrome) and the way back
  • My cottage and the restfulness of being in the countryside

That was a part of my interests. Some of the blogs will also be personal, or contain art things I have created. I hope that you will find something of interest in here. And if you like (or dislike) what you find here, I am happy to have your comments.

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