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Every time I go to my cottage, I realize the need for breathing space in life. Life today is hectic and very inhuman in many aspects and we often don’t even stop to think about how bad it really is. When I look at life now, after the last year, it seems very strange how few possibilities we get to breathe freely. We are caught in the ever spinning wheel of work, home care, planned leisure etc. to the point that there isn’t any room for anything that is not planned.

I can remember a summer day last summer, when all of a sudden the thunder strom clouds gathered above the cottage, and I heard the first drops of rain coming down. My first reaction was to go inside and lay down on the bed to read a book while the rain was pouring. But then, almost as soon as I had the thought, I changed my mind. I took a deck chair, and placed myself comfortabky on the porch of the house, with a glass of wine and just sat there (under the roof) and watched the rain fall… listening to the sound of the falling rain. I sat there for almost half an hour… and when the last drops glistened in the sun I felt that this had really been the right thing to do…

So why are we so obsessed with doing things. We always have to do things, rather than just be…. I hope that I will get more time for being in the future. At least I will try to make more time for being. And maybe we all should try the being part of life for a change? I know there are many people who have problems getting the life together, both financially and socially. And being is not easy in those cases… But if we are lucky enough to get this chance to be, then I think we should try to catch it…

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